Thömus USA is a manufacturer of world-class bicycles, designed and produced by Thömus Bicycles of Switzerland. Thömus bicycles are sold in North America exclusively at Ciclique, the bicycle retailer in Santa Monica, California.

In addition to the unbeatable Thömus bicycle line, we also offer factory-trained, expert repair and regular maintenance for bicycles of all kinds (recent vintage only). If you are facing a mechanical challenge with your bike, or just need routine maintenance, our technical team can help.

For more than 30 years, Thömus bicycles have been the equipment of choice for thousands of riders in Switzerland and beyond. Thömus makes a wide range of bikes for every application, from children’s bikes to professional-grade racing bikes. Thömus bikes are the official equipment of the champion Thömus-Maxon professional mountain bike racing team, which boasts multiple World Cup victories, including multiple World Cup overall titles, World Championships and Olympic medals.

Thömus USA has hand-picked a selection of the finest performance bicycles for the US market. Visit our showroom to see these incredible bikes for yourself. Or contact us at for an appointment at your convenience.