LA Business Journal: Thömus Bicycles

Swiss bicycle manufacturer Thömus SA has opened its U.S. headquarters in Santa Monica.

The corporate offices for Thömus USA and a flagship retail boutique on Montana Avenue in the beachside city opened last month.

Bernardo Gonzalez, a partner in the company started by Thomas Binggeli on his parent’s farm near Oberried, Switzerland, said that Santa Monica was chosen as Thömus’s U.S. headquarters because the greater Los Angeles area has an enormous cycling community, as well as a significant professional cycling community.

“The weather allows for bicycle riding almost 365 days of the year, with immediate access to the coastline and the mountains,” Gonzalez said in a statement provided to the Business Journal. “Our target market is right here. The Westside of Los Angeles is a very popular cycling center, and a lot of our customers live close to this location.”

Additionally, the company chose to be close to Hollywood because it wants to communicate the message of leading by example when it comes to having an impact on the environment, Gonzalez said.

Along with hosting a party to welcome invited guests, including actor Josh Duhamel, to check out the new retail space, Thömus also debuted a new electric bicycle, the Swissrider, a lightweight and versatile electric bike that weighs only 25 pounds.

“The Swissrider is an e-bike for life and is light enough to carry up the stairs and hang Thömus USA plans to go after the top 10 bicycle markets in the country with an emphasis on locations where it can find population density and a bike-friendly environment, Gonzalez said.

Prices for Thömus bicycles range from $5,000 to $14,000.