The Thömus Lightrider World Cup is a carbon XC bike many of us are familiar with but have never laid our hands on. The iconic red racing frame has been all over the front of the men’s and women’s Cross Country World Cup for years. We’ve featured Lightriders in our Pro Bike Checks for a few years, picking them out on the UCI XCO World Cup.

Thomus Lightrider World Cup carbon XC mountain bike

I mostly knew the frame as “the bike Matthias Flükinger and Alessandra Keller ride” with their Swiss Powerhouse Thömus-Maxon professional MTB team.

More recently, the first Thömus concept store opened in Santa Monica, California. So, we’re guessing you’ll see them around your local trails and race start lines soon. In any case, we thought that was a solid enough impetus to get one in for a comprehensive review.

Who is Thömus, anyway?

That’s the first question I was asked at the trails, “who are they?”

I tell you one thing; they are not newcomers to the cycling world. Thömus SA was founded in 1991 and has always had a keen eye for cycling talent, and producing exceptional bikes for a small manufacturer. They are a well-known brand in their region in Switzerland, and are rapidly gaining more global popularity with the help & success of the Thömus Maxon team, plus newfound USA distribution.

You might remember them for developing the first road bike with integrated cabling or launching the Lightrider e-Ultimate, the world’s lightest dual-suspension electric mountain bike at the time. They also have deep trail cred, and a history of race performance and innovation.

Thömus Lightrider World Cup XC MTB

The Thömus Lightrider World Cup is the brand’s flagship carbon XC race mountain bike. The design is race-focused with some clever bits of tech and suspension readability. Its World Cup hardtail counterpart, the TomCat, sees less camera time but is still on standby in the Thömus Maxon team trailer for less technical courses. The Thömus Lightrider World Cup is among five available in the Thömus acoustic MTB line.